That’s Rocawear: Demont “Peekaso” (@DemontPeekaso)

Out of all of the "That’s Rocawer" series, this one is my favorite. In the seventh of their viral video campaign to celebrate the Rocawear legacy, the brand features Demont "Peekaso".

Demont is 3-time Grammy nominated, R&B Singer Raheem DeVaughn’s Art Director and an on-stage painter on canvas and other surfaces. Demont also created the first ever televised live iPad presentation during Raheem’s 2010 Jimmy Kimmel Show appearance/performance.

In this video we watch as Demont creates the "Hip Hop Mount Rushmore", which includes Hov, Tupac and Biggie. The fourth spot between ‘Pac and Biggie is purposely left blank. At the end of the video we are asked: "Who should be the final artist added?"

Run That Back:

That’s Rocawear: Impact Repertory (Video).

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