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Hip Hop Music in Carolina. Nanci O Follows It All

Hip Hop music lives here!  We bring you the latest news on the latest hip hop artists, and keep you tuned into the best in hip hop music, past, present and future. I, Nanci O, am a North Carolina Hip Hop chick who digs hip hop and technology.  I'm right here, on the street, at all the shows, and can keep you tuned in to what's really going on.   Nanci O is great Hip Hop Music

So I gotta keep it real with y'all. I've been writing this post since November 2012 and have been struggling to find the words to finish it.

I felt the winds of change within the Carolina hip hop scene last year, around October. For some reason though, I've been having a hard time getting my thoughts together and expressing them eloquently. Guess I'll just say it. Whether or not y'all think it's eloquent, oh well. It's time to finish this post.

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