EP Review: Dirty Dave (@DirtyDaveDDE) ‘Dirty Dave’

Dirty Dave (@DirtyDaveDDE) EP

There’s going to be a day when somebody finally gets serious, produces then release a documentary on Charleston’s hip hop cultural roots. When (if?) that happens, it’s going to be a very interesting piece. Especially the part about Chucktown’s independent music scene. Names that’ll be mentioned include Pachino Dino, Monster Music, Southern Bloodline Records, Mista Taylor, Marley Mar, DJ Chuck T, Charlemagne Tha God, Loco Record Shop, etc. At this point we can even mention Righchus. There’s a reason Dame Dash came to Charleston, opened an art museum and signed Righchus to a publishing deal.

At this point, Charleston’s Dirty Dave is three full projects into the game. 2011’s No Mo Mista Nice Guy, 1000 Ways To Get Paid and The Carolina Plug, both of which were released in 2012. Each of these projects were released 100% independent with no major label backing. Dirty Dollar Entertainment’s street campaigns are so strong, particularly within the city and surrounding areas of Charleston, that The Carolina Plug sold out in record stores throughout DDE’s homebase within the first week.

Y’all can read (and watch) a bit more about the non-stop “grind”, digital branding and multimedia strategies in the interview I did with Dirty Dvae back in July at the South Carolina Music Awards in Greenville.

This post is going to focus strictly on “Geechie Dave’s” new self titled EP, Dirty Dave.

1. “Carolina” — Dirty Dave ft. Migos (Prod. by MPC Cartel)

Let’s go ahead and point out the fact that this is the first project Geechie Dave has released that doesn’t have a DJ host. While listening and writing the review of Rapsody’s Gangsta Grillz: She Got Game mixtape hosted by DJ Drama, it crossed my mind that her project would have been better without DJ Drama. Like I really could have done without his talking. Rapsody is releasing the She Got Game the #DramaFree version (i.e. the no DJ version). Chew on that.

Dirty Dave jumps off with absolutely no prelude. Recognize that the Migos has had quite the meteoric rise over the Summer. The New York Times did a full review of their Young Rich N*gga mixtape. Mind y’all, at that time the project had only been out two weeks. Surely having Drake remix their hit “Versace” helped. With “Carolina”, the Migos near bout owned this track, especially when you add in their ad libs (“CHUCKTOWN!”). It almost sounds like a Migos featuring Dirty Dave track. Either way, this song is a hit.

2. “Whip Me Up A Hummer” — Dirty Dave ft. Mally Racks & No Play Jose (Prod By Twin D)

The beat here is pretty simple but has lots of high hat that I Iike (i.e. more cowbell). Mally Racks and No Play Jose’s lyrics could have been done without here. They stay on topic (making the work flip), but their flow is eh.

3. “UGK” — Dirty Dave & Mista Taylor ft Delly D (Prod. By GTMusick)

Last year when the news broke that Chucktown legend Mista Taylor had retired from rap, y’all would have thought that Jay Z died. Then when Mista Taylor decided to return and popped up on this feature, it’s like Jay Z had been resurrected. At least that’s how the streets in the Carolinas handled the news. This track falls in the vein of *insert your favorite personality’s name here* tribute tracks, with a dope boy twist.

4. “Ken Nyugen” –Dirty Dave ft Migos & ChillWill (Prod. by Young Mercy)

Exactly WHO is Ken Nyugen? Seriously, who is this dude? A quick Google query only returns this track. Regardless of who he is, the hook on here is so addictive. Even the ad libs. The Migos pretty much outshine Dirty Dave again.

5. “Too Official” — Dirty Dave (Prod. by Young Mercy)

Mr. Too Official is the man responsible for Dirty Dave’s heavy, extremely successful street promotion team. Visit any hot spot in any moderately size city anywhere between the Virginia and Florida state lines. All of the Dirty Dollar material you see is the work of Too Official and company. This is the only track on the entire EP where Geechie Dave appears solo.

6. “Put Dat Pu$$y In My Face” — Mista Taylor ft Dirty Dave (Prod. By Dynamics)

No Dirty Dave project is complete without a strip club, naked hustle anthem. Tha Carolina Plug had “This Is What You Want“, 1000 Ways had “They Like It.” Overall this track is mediocre but will still probably do very well in the booty clubs.

7. “Drugs Only” — ChillWill ft Migos & Dirty Dave(Prod. by JB)

At this short point, it’s pretty evident that the Migos have star potential. Based on how they performed on the EP, I’m beginning to wonder if Dirty Dollar’s plan all along was to use the project as a tool to introduce the trio (well, technically duo right now since Offset is still currently locked up) to Dirty Dave’s fan base.

Out of all Dirty Dave’s releases to date, Dirty Dave is my least favorite. There are a few true gems — “Ken Nyugen”, “Carolina” — but overall the EP is pretty lackluster. 1000 Ways jammed. Carolina Plug jammed. Dirty Dave is the equivalent to the sophomore slump. One very important thing to note though, is that Dirty Dollar’s promotion campaign and work ethic continues to be very heavy. I have high expectations of Dirty Dave’s next release and will also be interested to see where the Migos buzz will be a year from now.

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