Kooley High (@KooleyHigh) Mini-Documentary 24/7: Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Video)

Kooley High (@KooleyHigh) 24/7: Don't Quit Your Day Job (Video)

I rocks with Kooley's High movement for a couple reasons and it doesn't include the fact that they are from North Carolina like me.

From the very beginning, the Raleigh, NC group included quality graphics to accompany every release. My favorites also happens to be from their first projects, The Summer Sessions EP, and then The Summer Sessions EP: The Gold Tooth Edition.

Charlotte, NC's J. Sol is the visual artist who created these beautiful pieces of art used as Kooley High's EP covers, and he along with videographer/photojournalist Sameer A.K. are featured in Kooley High's new mini-documentary 24/7. In the piece, group member Tab-One plus J. Sol and Sameer talk about the reality many creatives deal with on a daily basis: the struggles of maintaining a "regular job" for financial purposes while pursuing your music/artistic dreams.

It's refreshing to hear the fellas talk about this topic. Some artists don't want people to know they work a regular job, but it's the reality for many. Salute to Kooley High for being candid.

"Don't Quit Your Day Job" appears to be the first in an ongoing series. Y'all can check out part one down below.

Run That Back:

Okayplayer's Okayplayspace Interviews Kooley High (Video).

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