Technology News: Gabriel Teodros (@GabrielTeodros) & TEDxRainier (@TEDTalks) — Hip Hop & Science Fiction (Video)

Gabriel Teodros & TEDxRainier Hip Hop & Science Fiction

Hey look y’all. Another TED Talk where hip hop was incorporated into the event! This TED Talk took place at TEDxRainier in Seattle last month and featured Seattle, Washingston emcee Gabriel Teodros.

In Teodros’ TED Talk, he discussed Ethiopian heritage and it’s impact to his rhymes, activism, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the effects on hip hop, plus more. To hit some highlights, Teodros breaks down how that law changed hip hop, after effects which includes how post-1997 certain stories were excluded from hip hop, artist development disappeared and the independent movement grew. Indie labels such as Rawkus and Project Blowed flourished as well.

Earlier this year Teodros released Earthbound, a collaborative album with Meklit Hadero and producer-rapper Burntface (the group is known as CopperWire). Earthbound is an Ethiothian hip hop space opera that takes place in the year 2089 featuring three G’s from another world who hijack a spacecraft, ride it to Earth, and land in Ethiopia. The concept is much deeper than Young Jeezy and Fabo’s "Spaceships On Bankhead" ever was.

Watch Gabriel Teodros’ "Hip Hop & Science Fiction" TED Talk after the jump!

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