Technology News: DJ Fusion (@FuseBoxRadio) & TEDxOrlando (@TEDTalks) — “Hip Hop Is Not Dead” (Video)

Hip Hop is Not Dead: Mary Nichols at TEDxOrlando

Last year I found out about the TED community through my company’s chief information officer (CIO), who is young, hip and a big advocate of cutting edge technology and applying it to our daily lives. TED’s motto is "Ideas worth spreading", which essentially involves folks with in depth knowledge of a particular topic (technology, science, sociology + more) delivering a talk on that subject. The TED community is huge — there are conferences, events and more held around the globe.

The DMV’s DJ Fusion (of the internationally syndicated Fuse Box Radio Show) recently gave a TED talk at TEDxOrlando. Her title was "Hip Hop Is Not Dead", where she discussed hip hop’s mid-life crises and a few ways on how we can save it.

To be allowed to give a TED talk is a very big deal. I mean, they don’t let just anybody get up on stage and present one. For some TED conferences, you even have to apply way ahead of time, write an essay and be accepted to even get into the building. Young Guru will be doing a TED talk next week in NYC on the future of hip hop. It’s super cool to see hip hop integrated more into the TED community. It elevates the culture to a whole new level of respect.

Watch DJ Fusion’s "Hip Hop Is Not Dead" TED talk after the jump!

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