Dirty Dave (@DaveDaFlyGuy) ’1000 Ways To Get Paid’ Tour BTS In Memphis, Shreveport, & Dallas (Video)

Dirty Dave

At this point, Dirty Dave is the only young South Carolina artist, besides Toro Y Moi with Sadie Hawkins not too far behind, really hitting cities and reaching people outside of the home state.

In their latest tour vlog, team Dirty Dollar (including Carlos Cartel and Mr. Too Official) stops through both the streets and top urban radio stations in Memphis, Shreveport and Dallas. They are going deep into the hoods and touching the people. Can’t hate on the grind.

Check out the 1000 Ways To Get Paid BTS after the jump!

Run That Back:

Dirty Dave ’1000 Ways To Get Paid’ Tour BTS In Indiana, Kentucky & South Carolina (Video).

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