Dear Waka Flocka Flame


Dear Waka Flocka Flame,

What’s up? I actually decided to wait a couple of days to write this, because I figured you’d come back out and say you were just having a bad day. It’s cool to get frustrated by the industry, I mean we all have bad days. But the tweet you sent out last week is kind of disturbing. Waka, you absolutely cannot "quite" rap.

I’m not gonna sit here and act like I’ve always been a fan of your music. On the real, I used to think you were just another basic a$$ rapper. But eventually I became a fan on the low. I could no longer deny your ability to make jams. As much as I dig Kendrick Lamar’s music, I’m really not trying to hear "HiiPoWer" in the club. 

Actually Waka, it was your PETA ad that won me over.It was pretty cool to hear you speak out against animal cruelty: "You skin my lil puppy, I’mma knock your ass down." I had no idea you were an animal lover.

Waka, you should know this but I’ll remind you anyway. I’m sure your mama told you this too. There are fake people everywhere. And really, do you think fake folks aren’t running lose in Wal-Mart? All it takes is for one of your co-workers to get in good with the shift supervisor, and there goes your extra overtime hours.

No matter what you do, somebody, somewhere is going to have something negative to say. You made MTV’s Hottest MC’s list in 2010 for goodness sake! And now you want to "quite" rap? Look Waka, Jesus was cool enough to be an official party starter too by turning water into wine, and they still hated on him.

Plus who else besides yourself outside of YMCMB and Bawse is consistently making party jams that can pack a dance floor in 30 seconds or less? "Hard In The Paint", "No Hands", "Grove Street Party", "Oh Let’s Do It", plus the remix version with the Diddy. I mean Diddy doesn’t just jump on anybody’s remix!

Go on a pilgrimage, take a vacation, pen a children’s book, maybe do some charity work with deserving kids. Actually I think you could do a super hype remake of the ABC song. The new school year is right around the corner; it would be another way to get the kindergartners amped to learn.

So anyway Waka, I’m not sure what’s going on in your life but you should reconsider this hip hop thing. The game needs you right now. Please don’t "quite" rap.

Run That Back: Dear Young Jeezy.

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