#RapOnTheRun: Red Maca Review For Running, Energy & Endurance (Video)

#RapOnTheRun: Red Maca Review For Running, Energy & Endurance

I first read about red maca last year on Instagram. Red maca is a root that is grown in the Peruvian mountains. A couple of vegan athletes I follow on the ‘Gram had mentioned using red maca as part of their sports training and for endurance. I also noticed a few vegan chefs talk about using the root or powder version in their cooking and for extra energy. From that point I was curious and did some searches on the web to learn more about this root.

Those who were using red maca for sports training noted how the root seemed to increase their endurance, particularly for difficult training sessions. One thing I wasn’t able to find in my searches is if anyone had used red maca for running, specifically marathon training. So I decided to experiment to see if the root would help improve my endurance for long runs. I also wanted to see if red maca would give me some extra energy.

Of note, I believe folks should always check with a healthcare professional before adding any new supplements (natural or otherwise!) into a regimen. I think this is especially important if you have a medical condition or take medications.

Y’all can watch the red maca review for running, energy and endurance video after the jump!

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