#RapOnTheRun: BSX Athletics Insight (@BSXAthletics) + The Goals To Get Fast & Lean #RunChat

Every Sunday at 8 p.m. or 10 p.m. there’s a one hour Twitter Q & A event called #RunChat. #RunChat is where over 20,000 runners of all athletics abilities (beginners to elites) from all over the world converge on Twitter to talk about running. The Q & A is moderated by #RunChat founders @RunningBecause and @iRunnerBlog. They lead each week’s discussion with a theme. Past #RunChat themes include training, nutrition, destination races, running recovery, and much more. Each week the event is sponsored by a company, and at the end of each #RunChat, the week’s sponsor gives away a prize to a selected participant.

For the last #RunChat of March, the night’s theme was sports technology and BSX Athletics was the business sponsor for the night.

Y’all remember the problems I blogged about on needing to get faster and leaner in order to improve my next marathon finish time? [READ: #RapOnTheRun: I Need To Run Faster, I Need To Get Leaner]. Well I now have some help in achieving those goals!

BSX Insight is the first ever all-in-one wearable sensor that pairs with your sports watch  to simultaneously measure your heart rate, pace/speed, cadence, and calories.

The key that makes the BSX Insight stand apart from other wearable technology is it is the first device to measure your lactate threshold — in a single device. The lactate threshold is the gold standard for endurance training. It is a reliable and huge predictor of performance in aerobic exercise.

Before the BSX Insight, folks had their lactate threshold measured by getting stuck by needles and having blood drawn, which then had to be tested in a lab. The device works by “looking inside” your calf muscle during exercise and measures real bio signals. It is worn on the back of your calf and held in place by a compression sleeve.

The BSX Insight is currently a working prototype and will be available to the public in quarter four of this year. I’ll be one of the very first to receive one and am really excited about that.

Right now I’m two weeks in attending fitness bootcamp [READ: #RapOnTheRun: Fitness Boot Camp Day One: The 7 Minute Fitness Test] and feel stronger already. My next long run will be this coming weekend, so I’m excited to see if my pace has improved. Once I receive the BSX Insight, I’ll keep y’all updated on training results, a device review, any challenges using the device and more.

I wanted to take this chance once again to thank the #RunChat founders and BSX Athletics for selecting me to win the device. I appreciate the opportunity to become a better runner and ultimately, continue to live a fit and active lifestyle.

Y’all can stay tuned to my Twitter (@nancioishiphop), ‘Gram (@nancioishiphop), Facebook (Nanci O Is Hip Hop) and the blog for updates on my running adventures, fitness boot camp, plus more.


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