Mr. Grind (@MrGrind) — “All Ashy Everything” Trinidad Jame$ All Gold Everything Parody (Video)

Mr. Grind "All Ashy Everything" Trinidad James "All Gold Everything" Parody

"Free My Grandma?"

Erykah Badu is quoting him, a much hyped (and possible sold out NYC show tomorrow night at Santos), an upcoming appearance on MTV’s RapFix and now folks are doing parody videos too. Love him or hate him, Trinidad James has almost made it.

Only thing, I can’t help but wonder if this parody video signifies the fact that Trinidad James will end up being viewed only as a gimmick rapper. That would be a shame. Don’t Be S.A.F.E. is actually a really good mixtape.

Watch the "All Gold Everything" parody video after the jump!

Run That Back:

Trinidad James — Gold Chronicles Episodes 1-4 (Video).


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