Trinidad James (@TrinidadJamesGG) — Gold Chronicles Episodes 1-4 (Video)

Trinidad James

Several of my A-town connects put me up on Trinidad James a couple of days before his mixtape Don’t Be S.A.F.E. (Sensitive As F*ck Everyday) dropped at the top of this month. I’ve been jammin’ to it since then, but what really caught my attention is his "Gold Chronicles" vlogs.

Just like every other digitally savvy rapper these days, Trinidad James has launched a series that follows his moves in the industry, on the road, candids from video shoots, hanging with friends and more. Episode one of the "Gold Chronicles" made me dig his persona even more, as Trinidad James is the first rapper I’ve ever seen show his real job on camera and talk about it. How many of you other independent artists would be un-scary enough to do that? Hip hop culture has this thing at times where having a "real job" means you’re less uncool. Whatever. It was a real moment and his commentary in the vlogs about life, his music, and folk comes across as genuine.

On top of that, let me not forget Trinidad James’ personal styling, which is unique. Yes, I’m feeling it. I caught episodes one and two of the "Gold Chronicles" when they first dropped, but with all the flurry of activity behind the scenes with my own work I finally had time to watch episodes three and four today.

Y’all can check out all four episodes of "Gold Chronicles" after the jump. And if you haven’t, go listen to Don’t Be S.A.F.E.. It’s one of the most dope mixtapes coming out of the A right now. Don’t debate me on this bro.


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