SmCity (@SmCityMusic) & DJ Dub Floyd (@DJDubFloyd) — IMMORTALS: Curtis Mayfield

SMCITY & DJ Dub Floyd Immortals Curtis Mayfield

Here’s another reason why I love the A3C Hip Hop Festival — every year there’s the chance to learn about and see artists perform who are from other cities/states I may not have otherwise gotten hip to. This year during A3C, I saw Washington, DC’s SmCity perform. Before the hip hop festival I had never heard of dude, but he ended up delivering one of the top ten sets during the whole weekend.

SmCity and DJ Dub Floyd just kicked off a tribute series, where they will release hip hop soul mixes bi-weekly of SmCity flowing over legendary soul production. The series is called IMMORTALS and Curtis Mayfield’s work is the inaugural subject. In addition to the music, there are short sound bites of Mayfield talking about preserving the culture.

The IMMORTALS: Curtis Mayfield mix is only 12 minutes long and it’s really jammin’. Y’all can check it out below.


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