Benjamin Starr (@Benny_Starr) — Guns N Roses (Mixtape)

Benjamin Starr - Guns & Roses

Pineville, South Carolina’s Benjamin Starr just released his first project since 2011’s Scorsese Sessions. The production on GNR is pretty jammin’ so far. I haven’t delved into the lyrics deep yet but will in time.

Last night the "Charlamagne Tha God" track re-sparked an old topic over at **KJ’s blog H1gher Learning, which initially began on Randy Roper’s Block exactly one year ago, that resulted in Charlamagne himself stepping into the comments section to respond (which surprised me, I figured he’d be to busy running NYC to say something at all) and was subsequently discussed in depth by me and Randy in Where Is Hip Hop? Episode 97, titled Handouts, Inspiration & Charlamagne Tha God: What does he owe the Carolinas? Y’all keeping up?

Anyway Benny Starr’s new mixtape includes features from Righchus, Rebellious aka Shawt & G and production from Max Berry and Joel Brown (aka Joe Breezy — y’all heard his work all over Oxymoron’s My Well Smokes Good). So yeah, this mixtape is dope thus far. Take a listen below and download it if the spirit moves you.

Guns N Roses


Run That Back:

Righchus Ft. Vinny Cha$e & Benjamin Starr — “Look Out Below”.

**KJ, why you bringing up old stuff? LOL.

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