R3venge Of The Nerds (@R3vengeofNerds) — “Just Wanna Live” (Video)

R3venge Of The Nerds

R3venge Of The Nerds is a three-man writing and production collective out of California, Los Angelos to be exact. Their sound is somewhat different from everything else that’s out right now and it’s kind of hard for me to explain, but I’ll try. It’s very chill, somewhat trippy, a little pop-ish. Maybe an urban, 2012 Tears For Fears? Either way they are pretty jammin’. 

This new video is from the group’s upcoming project, R.O.T.N. Republic, final release yet to be determined.

Check out R.O.T.N.’s video for "Just Wanna Live" after the jump. Then head over to The Block, which is Randy Roper’s blog, to get caught up on all the past R.O.T.N. material you may have missed plus get some more background on the group.

Hey Randy, sounds like MDD has another winner!

P.S. where can I find one of those "Bout That Life" T shirts?

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