“Cosby Zoo” (Out Of State Intuition Tribute)–@JSwissHere

Back on March 2nd of this year JSWISS dropped his Out of State Intuition mixtape, which was a play on words referring to him being a student at UNC-Chapel Hill from New York.

Throughout the project he used sound bytes from the pilot episode of The Cosby Show (the "i-brought-you-into-this-world-i’ll-take-you-out" episode). More recently JSWISS heard a beat from producer Eric G (The Soul Council), that samples one of The Cosby Show theme songs that was meant for but never used by Skyzoo.

So JSWISS put two and two together and decided to do a tribute to the mixtape he released in March. And if you haven’t, be sure to listen to and download Out of State Intuition.

"Cosby Zoo" (Out Of State Intuition Tribute)–


Run That Back:

"August 24th" (Happy Birthday)–JSWISS.

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