Blind Fury Interview (Audio)–…

I always make sure to catch 106’s Freestyle Friday when possible, just to see what upcoming and coming artists from various regions are looking like in regards to microphone skills. Not too many Carolina emcees have made to that national freestyle stage so it was pretty cool to see SC’s Blind Fury on the set recently.

I remember this kid from MTV’s MC Battle back in 2003; he made it to the finals but didn’t take home the win. I recall a lot of other rappers in those battles clowning Blind Fury for being blind but it never seemed to phase him plus they didn’t make it as far as he did in the competition.

Anyway my homie Tasha over at recently interviewed Blind Fury.

Check it out:

“I recently spoke with current 106nPark Freestyle Friday champion, Blind Fury about his rise to Freestyle Friday fame. He told me what he does to prepare for each 106nPark appearance, the obstacles he faces being blind, and his upcoming projects. And for my Carolina readers, he states who his favorite Carolina artists are, and how his BET fame could affect his home state.”

Is hip hop ready for a blind emcee? Should it matter that he has a disability?

What do ya’ll think?
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