Who Is Nanci O Is Hip Hop?

NanciOIsHipHopThank you for taking time to check out Nanci O Is Hip Hop and the blog. This purpose of this site is to document hip hop culture primarily in North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as outside of the region. I began this blog in June 2008 for several reasons, one being because at that time, there were very few websites that focused exclusively on Carolina hip hop culture.

I am a proud North Carolina native with South Carolina roots. I’ve been a fan of hip hop culture since a wee youngin’. My top five emcees dead or alive are Andre 3000, Phonte, Jean Grae, Jeezy, and Kanye West.

I am also the creator of #RapOnTheRun, which incorporates running and a hip hop influenced lifestyle. #RapOnTheRun includes my adventures in running, fitness related product reviews and more. I fell in love with running over five years ago. Since that time I have finished two 26.2 mile marathons and nine 13.1 mile half marathons.

For 2017 I have decided to focus on becoming leaner plus faster, and have began incorporating weight lifting and HIIT workouts into my training regimen. I am also training for my 10th half marathon, Race 13.1 Durham coming in December 2017. You may also occasionaly find reviews for things outside of hip hop and running on this site.

Feel free to leave a comment or email nancioishiphop@gmail.com with feedback and/or content.

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