Album Review: Jay Z’s ‘4:44’, His 13th Studio Album

In this video I give a review of Jay Z’s new album 4:44, his 13th album. The project was released June 30, 2017 on Roc Nation.

I’ve been a fan of Jay-Z’s business moves and growth for several years. When I first started listening to Hov, my mindset, focus and goals were way different then they are now. Back then it was about partying, having fun and getting into shenanigans with my friends. These days I still love having fun but my goals are also geared towards financial literacy, wealth, wisdom, career growth, legacy, family and much more.

It’s good to hear that Jay Z’s music has grown as well. The thought is that no one should be the same person they were 10 years ago. Growth and wisdom are key.

No I.D. handled all of the production on ‘4:44’ and includes samples from Donnie Hathaway, Sister Nancy, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder and more.

Although I did this review over two weeks ago, I am still processing the album. There’s more to learn and understand however I do believe ‘4:44’ is an important piece of art for the culture.

Check out my review of the album above!

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