5 Non-Tech Tips From The Phat Startup’s (@ThePhatStartup) #Tech808 D.C. #BossUp (Video)

5 Non-Tech Tips From The Phat Startup's (@ThePhatStartup) #Tech808 D.C. #BossUp

The Phat Startup is a New York City-based startup that provides education for aspiring entrepreneurs. This is done via events, interviews and various media resources (blogs, tweets, etc.).

I’d been following The Phat Startup for some time on Twitter (they share alot of great content there) and attended their first #tech808 event in NYC last fall. One of the missions of #tech808 is to teach you how to take your company to the next level.

This past weekend The Phat Startup presented the second #Tech808 conference in Washington, D.C. As with the #tech808 NYC, D.C.’s version was a great event for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups of all types (not just tech related!).

Early in the day while listening to one of the first speakers (Paul C. Brunson), I realized that this #tech808 D.C. seemed different. It felt like The Phat Startup had modified NYC’s setup and improved it. In D.C., the event felt like it was more than just about tech related ideas and content.

The Phat Startup’s next #tech808 is later this Summer in Oakland. In the meantime, check out this video where I share 5 of the best non-tech tips from #tech808 D.C. Y’all can watch the video after the jump!

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