Feli Fame (@FelonyFame) — Dirty Laundry: Greed Has No Face (Trailer)

Feli Fame (@FelonyFame) -- Dirty Laundry: Greed Has No Face (Trailer)

It’s good to see more Carolina artists embracing well produced short films and vlogs as part of their digital marketing campaign.

J.Cole did it with the #BornSinner vlogs, Charleston, SC’s Dirty Dave released the street-themed robbery gone wrong short film ‘Charleston’ last month and Columbia,SC ‘s BJ Cash has a big movie premiere going down next weekend at The Coop on University of South Carolina’s campus for his and Blacc Zacc’s new film ‘Trapped Out’.

Next up is NC/NJ’s Feli Fame. Back in April he held a film premiere in New Jersey for his movie ‘Dirty Laundry: Greed Has No Face’. Dirty Laundry is also the name of his mixtape that was released last year (peep that marketing tie in y’all). Now Feli Fame will be making his movie available online for folks to watch. The trailer is pretty captivating. Here’s the synopsis:

“A young man (Fame) tries to pursue a life of peace and settles down with his significant other (Brooke) while working at a laundromat. His plans take a drastic turn once the laundromat is taken over by criminals and everyone is held at gunpoint. With greed on his mind Fame makes a run with the criminal’s belongings not thinking about the consequences that would follow. Greed begins to trickle more in his life when he is caught between a love triangle, money and his peers.”

Watch the trailer for ‘Dirty Laundry: Greed Has No Face’ after the jump!

Run That Back:

Felony Fame — “Drop Dead Gorgeous”.

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