That’s Rocawear (@Rocawear): Brooklyn Express Drumline (Video)

That's Rocawear Brooklyn Express

Amid reports that Rocawear is on the verge of bankruptcy, losing millions of dollars and that Jay-Z will appear in an upcoming Rocawear commercial titled "From Marcy To Madison Square Garden" to help revive the clothing label, the brand continues with it’s "That’s Rocawear" campaign. The viral video series was launched back in October 2011 to help celebrate the Rocawear legacy.

Kendrick Lamar, Steve Stoute and June Ambrose appeared in the first That’s Rocawear viral video. The latest and eighth installment stars the Brooklyn Express Drumline,

which is a part of the Brooklyn Express Program of Performing Arts. The mission of the organization is to give area youth an outlet that inspires them, enhances their creativity and leadership, plus gives them a drive to succeed.

Check out all of the previous That’s Rocawear campaigns, which featured Panamanian emcee Panama, Grammy-nominated songwriter Demont "Peekaso", the Dynamic Diplomats of Double Dutch plus several other grounding breaking artists.

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