‘The Sandwhich Shop’ (EP)–Donwill x VonPea…

“The Roots stint on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, gave birth to a host of original mini-tunes called ‘Sandwiches’ performed during, and segueing to and from commercial breaks, often unheard by TV viewers. In late 2009 when The Roots’ Questlove released 22 of these sandwiches as a free download, Tanya Morgan members Donwill and Von Pea snapped them up, selecting a handful of the tracks to create their own project, naming the EP The Sandwich Shop.”

Listen/download The Sandwhich Shop EP.

P.S.–God bless the genius who invented Bandcamp. No ads and no annoying pop ups.

Run That Back: Donwill’s ‘Pu$$y Rules The World’.

Peep a video teaser for The Sandwich Shop after the jump.
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