Who Is Nanci O Is Hip Hop?

NanciOIsHipHopThank you for taking time to check out Nanci O Is Hip Hop and the blog. This purpose of this site is to document hip hop culture in North Carolina, South Carolina, and occasionally beyond. I began this blog in June 2008 for several reasons, one being because at that time, there were very few websites that focused exclusively on Carolina hip hop culture.

I am a proud North Carolina native with South Carolina roots. I’ve been a fan of hip hop culture since a wee youngin’. My top five emcees dead or alive are Andre 3000, Phonte, Jean Grae, Young Jeezy, and Kanye West.

I am also the creator of #RapOnTheRun, which incorporates running and a hip hop influenced lifestyle. #RapOnTheRun includes my adventures in running, fitness related product reviews and more. I fell in love with running over four years ago. Since that time I have finished two 26.2 mile marathons and eight 13.1 mile half marathons.

For 2016 I have decided to focus on becoming leaner plus faster, and have began incorporating weight lifting and HIIT workouts into my training regimen.

Feel free to leave a comment or email nancioishiphop@gmail.com with feedback and/or content.

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