Marcus Allen (@MarcussAllenn) — “It’s Where You’re Going” Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Commercial (Video)

Marcus Allen (@MarcusAllen) -- "It's Where You're Going" Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Commercial

Huge congratulations are in order for Marcus Allen! The Charleston, SC singer recently landed a deal with Rick Hendrick Chevrolet.

Marcus Allen’s new single “It’s Where You’re Going” is featured in the automobile dealer’s latest ad campaign, which is running on throughout the low country and northern Georgia. He’s also the star of the commercial. Hendrick Automative Group is one of the largest auto sales brands in the South.

Big ups to Marcus Allen, James G. and their whole team! They’ve been working for years to get Marcus’s brand out there. It’s great to see Carolina artists who are consistent plus have good music, win.

Watch Marcus Allen’s “It’s Where You’re Going” Rick Hendrick commercial after the jump!

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