Events: NC State Cypher (#NCStateCypher) 3rd Anniversary Monday August 26, 2013

NC State Cypher At The Freedom Expression Tunnel #NCStateCypher

Photo by Nanci O. Taken February 18, 2013 at The Freedom Expression Tunnel in Raleigh, NC.

This Monday August 26, 2013 will be the 3rd anniversary of the NC State Cypher. Back in February I posted a blog about the history, importance and impact of the cypher on North Carolina hip hop culture [READ: The NC State Cypher: An Important Part of North Carolina Hip Hop Culture & History]. 

Every Monday night rain, blazing heat or below freezing cold, a crowd gathers at The Freedom Expression Tunnel in Raleigh, NC on North Carolina State University’s campus. There are those that rhyme, breakdance, beat box, do graffitti and/or a spoken word piece. Occasionally, famous artists who are in town for shows will stop though, spit a rhyme, or show support. Most often though, it’s regular folks that attend to watch artists do any of the aforementioned actives. If it’s raining, everyone goes underground into the tunnel. And on a good, regular evening 100+ people from all over the state of North Carolina will show up.

This coming Monday night, folks will gather and celebrate one of the longest running cultural events representing hip hop in the state. All elements of the culture are welcome, as well as poets, videographers, photographers and other forms of media.

The NC State Cypher has always been a peaceful gathering, so keep the foolishness at home. Everything usually gets started around 10pm-11pmish. The Freedom Expression Tunnel is smack dab in the middle of North campus on the grounds of NC State University, between Yarborough and Cates Avenue. You can also take the transit to Yarborough Drive at Stinson Drive (Broughton).

Follow the #NCStateCypher hashtag on Twitter for all updates.

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