Commentary: 5 Epic South Carolina Hip Hop Video Moments (Of All Time!)

Boss G Beats Up Lil Ru (Video)

Kanye West: "Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!"

With the 2013 South Carolina Music Awards nominations ending next week (May 6th) and the celebration weekend coming in July, the anticipation for this year's events got me thinking. The first time I attended a SCMA celebration weekend was 2009. There were parties and cookouts all weekend. The main event award show was held at The Coop on the University of South Carolina's campus in Columbia. It was a jammin' weekend and I've made the trip to South Carolina for the SCMA's each year ever since.

The SCMA's are kind of like a South Carolina music family reunion, with the fun times and memories to go along with it. It's pretty much the one and only time of the year when most folks involved in the independent music scene in SC puts aside their differences and the whole state comes together to celebrate.

Since 2009, I've learned that one of the most anticipated categories of the SCMA's is "Video of the Year". That first year I went, VA Tha Boss Chick won with her rocked out visuals for “How To Become a Star “, directed by Will Power. 2013's celebration weekend is less than four months away, and as with years past, I'm sure the SCMA's will get people talking. Truth be told, y'all are already talking. So I decided to take a minute to revisit some of the more epic South Carolina hip hop video moments from the past couple years.

These epic videos are ones that had folks buzzing throughout the state, either for the comedy, cutting edge videography, WTF? shock value and/or pure audacity of what was filmed and then loaded up on the internets. Only five are listed here but I'm sure there are more.

This list is in no particular order. Matter fact, I'm not sure why I said that, cause some of y'all still get fit to be tied anytime I post up a Top 5 Carolina hip hop list. But maybe one of these days it'll sink through, so this list is in no particular order.

Let's get started shall we?

1. Boss G and His Goon Squad Beats Up Lil Ru.

From late 2009-on Columbia, SC's Boss G had one of the biggest buzzes in the state. He had a strong street team, heavy promotion campaign and the music to back it up. Boss G had released two mixtapes that really had folks talking, The World Is Ours, Now We Want Mars and Ric Flair.

Around this same time, Def Jam signee and SC native Lil Ru was having a great run with "Nasty Song". For whatever reasons, Boss G and Lil Ru had history and then beef. Matter fact, when Boss G was interviewed on the radio show in early Summer 2010, I asked him about the beef's history, his issues with Lil Ru and why everything had not been squashed yet. It wasn't clear then why things never got cleared up, even after a sit down with DJ Blaze.

Anyway in July 2010, exactly one week before the 2010 South Carolina Music Awards (which were in Charleston that year), Boss G and his squad confronted Lil Ru on the streets in Columbia. Somebody filmed the meeting and y'all can see above what happened.

I remember the day after this video went viral. Catch that videographic magic at the 00:06, 00:22 and 00:26 marks. The track playing in the background is Boss G's hit song "Hobby", which was being played in regular rotation on commercial radio throughout SC.

The following weekend was the SCMA's in Charleston. Folks were on high alert. Security at the main event was super tight just in case somebody wanted to flex, but Boss G nor Lil Ru showed up. There WAS a fight at the event (SMH), but it was quickly broken up and had nothing to do with either of them. Right now Boss G is serving a 17 year sentence in federal prison and I'm not sure what Lil Ru is up to musically.

2. Charlamagne Tha God's "Pink Tee" Spoof Video.

In 2004 the Snap Music movement was running on outer space status. To go along with it, in the clubs folks were killing "The Pool Palace" and shaking their "Laffy Taffy". The uniform of choice for urban males everywhere was a tall white Tee (with a durag to match). Everybody, and I do mean EVERYBODY, owned a white tee. White tees could be styled in countless ways, were cheap and made an individual hard to identify if something popped off. The general A.P.B. description would be something like "Suspect last seen wearing a white tee shirt…" Well when 80% of the crowd is rocking a white tee, y'all see the point.

Sidebar: Last week when a picture popped up of Michael Jordan rocking a tall denim button down all I could think was ugh, I hope tall white tees don't come back in style. There's even a Tumblr that specifically follows Michael Jordan's questionable fashion choices. I digress tho.

"White Tee" by Dem Franchize Boyz was a huge hit in 2004/2005. The song got so big DFB started making spin off tunes. Gucci Mane, Crime Mob and DFB released "Black Tee". Then DFB dropped "Red Tee". And I'm pretty sure somebody did a "Green Tee" song too but I can't remember who.

Monck's Corner, SC native Charlamagne The God's "Pink Tee" song and spoof video fit right into the "White Tee" and Snap Music trends of that time. It was released in 2004 and also poked fun at Killa Cam's affinity for rocking pink. "Yep in my pink tee!"

3. Righchus' "Stroker's Row" Takes Video Graphics To A Whole New Level.

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of the music of Charleston, SC's Righchus. His mixtapes, Sweetgrass & Supras and Black Cradles, were top notch in quality, lyrical content and variety.

In August 2012 when Righchus and the Million Dollar Dreamz team released the video for his song "Stroker's Row", which appeared on Black Cradles, I knew it was something special. The video was directed by Tyler Engel, who also created the visual effects throughout. The visuals were so dope, SXSW's 2013 Film Festival selected "Stroker's Row" as a featured film and screened it during this year's event down in Austin, Texas.

The Film Director of did a great interview, that includes some cool back story bits, with Righchus and Tyler Engel during SXSW. Daily Motion also dubbed Engel as a young film maker to watch. Righchus now has a partnership deal with Dame Dash and his company DD172, with a new project set to be released this summer.

4. Guns And Dope Flashed In The "In My Hood" Video Gets A Couple Folks Locked Up.

In August 2009 Fountain Inn, SC rappers "Pose", "Flawless", "Ess Gutta", "J Real" plus several others flashed guns and smoked weed in their "In My Hood" video. Not too long after it was posted to YouTube, ten of the folks in the video were arrested on various charges.

What's so interesting about between then and the present is that folks now openly post pictures and videos of drugs, indulging in various substances, handling guns and so much more. My how times have changed. 

Look y'all. Just remember. Anything you put on the internet (photos, videos, etc.) is pretty much public record and may be held against you in a court of law (or keep you from an opportunity). #NeverForget.

5. Dirty Dave's "I Got A Sack" Is The First South Carolina Hip Hop Video To Feature A Helicopter.

I mean, the title says it all. I'm sure it isn't cheap to rent a helicopter. I wonder if gas comes with the rental or is it extra like when you rent a car? Last year at the 2012 South Carolina Music Awards in Greenville, Dirty Dave had on so much jewelry and was so icy, I felt like I'd bitten into a York peppermint patty. I kid.

Seriously though, Charleston, SC's Dirty Dollar Entertainment had a huge run in 2012. Yung Joc directed the video for "I Got A Sack". The track appeared on DD's 1000 Ways To Get Paid mixtape, which was hosted by DJ Scream and OG Bigga Rankin.

What about y'all? What are some of y'all favorite epic South Carolina hip hop video moments? I would love to learn about them. Post a YouTube link below, Tweet me @nancioishiphop or send an email to

Oh yeah. 2013 South Carolina Music Award nominations are open until May 6. Voting begins May 20th and runs through July 1st!

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