SmCity (@SmCityMusic) & DJ Dub Floyd (@DJDubFloyd) — IMMORTALS: Issac Hayes

SMCity & DJ Dub Floyd -- Issac Hayes

Forget everybody who’s remixing Trinidad James’ "All Gold Everything" or any other of the hot for the moment radio hits, DMV’s SmCity and DJ Dub Floyd’s IMMORTALS is the freshest remix project going in hip hop right now.

For the second installment of their IMMORTALS series, the duo select the funky production of Issac Hayes. At ten minutes in length, this one is about two minutes shorter than their Curtis Mayfield remix, but just as cool. And just like with the previous release, soundbites of an old Issac Hayes interview talking about soul music, it’s legacy and impact to culture is included to add some extra flavor to the mix.

This series is also a good hip hop history lesson. I never knew the Geto Boy’s "My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me" sampled Issac Hayes’ "Hung Up On My Baby".

Yesterday SmCity also released "New Years Revolution" featuring Alison Carney off the upcoming Dream Cemetery album. Y’all might want to check that out too.

Stream/Download SmCity & DJ Dub Floyd’s IMMORTALS: Issac Hayes.

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SmCity & DJ Dub Floyd — IMMORTALS: Curtis Mayfield.

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