Macon Hamilton (@MaconHamilton) — Macon Going Ham (Mixtape)

Macon Hamilton 'Macon Going Ham' Mixtape

So new media is starting to go ham (pun not intended) over this kid and his mixtape has only been out for a few days. Macon Hamilton is 17 years old, from Atlanta and produces, writes and engineers his own material. I’ve got to admit, the mixtape is pretty darn good.

The only bone of contention I have is folks proclaiming this dude to be the next Kendrick Lamar. I mean dang, give us a minute to take him in first. Some of y’all so fast to make royal decrees and all before even taking time to delve into all aspects of the artists music and movement. Especially taking into consideration the project comes with such a basic mixtape cover (what was the picture taken with, a smartphone?).

Anyway, check out some of the Macon Going Ham mixtape below and judge for yourself. Download.

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