Thank You X The Artist (@X_TheArtist) For “The Breakthrough”, A Beautiful Piece of Art & Powerful Metaphor For Why I Keep Pushing On

X The Artist & Nanci O Is Hip Hop

Above: X The Artist (L), Nanci O. (R)

Last night Eargasm Entertainment’s 3rd Annual Underground Music and Fashion Expo took place at Volume 11 in Raleigh, NC. As in previous years A. Robb and Portia D. did an awesome job with the event. There were several great performances and a beat battle, which was won by Greensboro, NC’s Kevo Beats.

X The Artist is a NYC native and current Greensboro, NC resident while attending school. He’s a visual and graphic artist whose work addresses social and political issues. His pieces also reflect subjects such as Hip Hop culture, modernist architecture and current events. During last night’s Expo, X The Artist was in residence and created several works of art.

One of the pieces created is titled "The Breakthrough", a mixed media, 3D piece of art (see picture above). The mask represents doing intense work, the broken glass is a metaphor for artists and yours truly waiting on and finally receiving their "breakthrough". The corkscrews represent the complications of the culture. There’s also a touch of purple underneath, which represents royalty and is a prominent color in my brand.

It was an absolute pleasant surprise to be gifted with a work of art and I was actually moved when X The Artist presented it and explained the meaning. He said it’s a "Thank You" for what I’ve done to help advance hip hop culture and art in the Carolinas. X The Artist has been commissioned by and has created art for several of hip hop’s elite, so it’s very humbling to be thanked in such a manner.

If you’re ever in Greensboro, NC visit X The Artist’s art gallery, check out his work and buy a piece if the spirit moves you. The art gallery is located at 337 South Davie St, Greensboro, NC, 27401.

Thank you, X The Artist. I’m very grateful for this beautiful piece of art. My brand began because of an intense love and appreciation for hip hop culture. Sometimes business gets rough but I keep pushing on. This work is and will be a great visual reminder for why I keep doing what I do.

Hit the jump to view a closeup of "The Breakthrough" by X The Artist.

The Breakthrough By X The Artist

"The Breakthrough" by X The Artist for Nanci O Is Hip Hop.


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