Lo Keys (@LoKeys910) Interview At A3C (@A3C) Hip Hop Festival (Video)

Fayetteville, NC emcee Lo Keys (@LoKeys910) and his movement has grown by leaps and bounds since he was a guest on the radio show back in February 2010. Within the past couple of months he’s racked up sponsorships from Shocking Goat Watches, GoodWood Beads NYC and Scandolous Social Club. This support along with his continuos business moves has allowed him to perform from NYC to Philly and out on the West Coast, plus gain the support of veteran artists. Just Google his name and you’ll see he’s all over the internet.

Lo Keys has done all of this as an independent without a deal or the backing of a major label.

While down in Atlanta for the 2011 A3C Hip Hop Festival, I caught up with Lo Keys for a chat. During our talk, we discuss his come up in the hip hop world, what it takes to maintain a buzz in the industry as an independent artist, his upcoming mixtape The Green Hornet (which includes features with Fred The Godson, Prodigy, French Montana, Mistah Fab, Jon Connor, Killer Mike, Young Gliss and production from Zone Beatz), plus more.

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