President of Live Nation Russell Wallach Discuss Impact of Social Media & Mobile Technology in the Live Music Industry (News)

"Russell Wallach Live Nation CEO" 

Back in November 2009 in the second episode of Hip Hop Bytes, Mr. Shadeed talked about new changes to Live Nation’s open platform and it’s impact to artists. At that point in time, it was not clear if the open platform would be an advantage or disadvantage to performing musicians, especially indies.

Fast forward almost two years later and it’s clear that the live music industry has continued to evolve. Recently the President of Live Nation, Russell Wallach, talks about issues in the live music industry with Business Insider and explains how social media and mobile technology are changing the business.

On how technology is changing the live music experience:

We launched the LiveNation app earlier this year. So now with the app on the iPhone, it will actually integrate with your iTunes library, so literally you now know every time that band is coming to your town, you’ll get an alert about tickets. So you’re not gonna miss a show cause you didn’t hear about it — you’re gonna get an alert if it’s in your iTunes library. So we think that is a huge advancement just in the marketing of shows. And then you can even take that one step further. When you’re actually at the show, how great will it be for you to be getting a real-time setlist of the show that you’re seeing. We’re going to be doing some things such as

special lanes where you’ll be able to order your food right from your phone, or your drink or your beer right there from your phone. And be able to go to a special lane to pick it up. You’ll be able to get an update to let you know that there’s shorter lines at concessions or there’s no lines at the bathrooms. So we’re looking to use technology and innovation to enhance the music experience while you’re at the show.

Upcoming technology changes in the live music experience using social media:

Social and mobile are clearly creating many more opportunities and so much more innovation at the show. I continue to see social and mobile to be a much bigger driver, pre-show, related to people purchasing tickets. It will be the biggest marketing vehicle for live music. The social communities lets you post that you’re going to a show and that ends up in your newsfeed. The best way to sell tickets is to know my friends are going to this show. And so we’re seeing real movement in ticket sales based on social communities. So we can see continued growth of being able to expand ticket sales through social communities — they’re a tremendous driver of the business. 

Read the entire Q&A with Russell Wallach at Business Insider. There’s additional discussion around branded entertainment and companies marketing their brands through music.

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