@9thWonderMusic Releases iPhone App (News)…

So it looks like Raleigh hip hop band Inflowential are no longer the only RDU artists with their own iTunes app.

Yesterday IWWMG released the 9th Wonder app with features that include interviews, videos, and exclusive downloads not available elsewhere. The 9th Wonder app was designed by Jamil Spain of Renaissance Imagery; if you’ve been to an IWW event in RDU recently, he’s the guy who handles the event USTREAMs.

Jamil also designed It’s A Wonderful World Music Group’s official website. The 9th Wonder app is available for iPhones, iPod touches and the iPad, with a Droid version set to drop soon. Visit the Apple iTunes store to read more details about the 9th Wonder app’s functionality.

Run That Back: 9th Wonder: Producer x Professor Extraordinaire (Video).

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