Nesby Phips Interview (Audio)…

Nesby Phips was the Featured Artist interview for December’s Feature Night Thursday.

During our talk Nesby Phips named the New Orleans Funk & Jazz bands that influences his sound, who came first Nesby the artist or Nesby the producer, how he plans on incorporating his father into the production team, growing up with Curren$y, production preferences (analog vs. digital), working with Wiz Khalifa, Tabi Boney, Mack Maine, the No Limit camp and Ski Beatz, his first A3C experiences, gems for independent artists, current and future streetwear collaborations plus much more.

Part one of the interview is above, part two is after the jump.

If you’re interested in being a featured artist on a future show or the website, submit your media kit and 2-3 clean/radio edit .mp3s.

You can also submit tracks for the show’s playlist, just make sure to adhere to the guidelines.


Nesby Phips Interview (Parts 1 & 2)—

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