9th Wonder IWWMG Showcase (Video) + Interviews…

Last Friday 9th Wonder’s IWWMG (It’s A Wonder World Music Group) presented a showcase featuring several artists off JAMLA and The Academy record labels plus other lyricists of a certain caliber. Rapsody (she is A PROBLEM, don’t sleep), Actual Proof, Tom Hardy, The Away Team and more graced the stage to put on, quite honestly, one of the best RDU (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) local-artist-only hip hop shows I’ve seen in a minute.

Last month Rapsody, Actual Proof (Sundown & Enigma) and 9th Wonder stopped by the studio during Feature Night Thursday. During the in-depth interview, Actual Proof and Rapsody talk about how they got connected to IWWMG (key word: consistency), how they are building their brands, future projects, what makes their music so good plus much more. The interview audio is after the jump.

Thank Yous:
IWWMG, JAMLA, The Academy, Photographer xphaqtor and every emcee that put on for the city last Friday.

Sidebar: Around ’01/’02 The Hideaway in Chapel Hill was THE spot to go for a rapper to build a buzz . If you were an emcee and couldn’t rock The Hideaway (or Local 506, another favorite locale) you weren’t sh*t. Back then with Little Brother’s first album on deck there was lots of anticipation that NC was finally going to break. Little Brother did their thing but NC didn’t pop like other regions. This time around, things might just be different.

Rapsody, Actual Proof (Sundown & Enigma) & 9th Wonder IWWMG Interview:
Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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