Hip Hop Bytes Episode 4…

On this week’s episode of Hip Hop Bytes Mr. Shadeed discusses fan engagement for artists and the new channels and methods available to maintaining that connection.

Fans are one of the most critical elements of an artists/magazine/media outlet, etc success. Mr. Shadeed uses the hip hop/rock band Shinobi Ninja as an example in this segment and talks about how the group used several technology tools to grow their fan base exponentially.

Hip Hop Bytes Episode 4:

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Hip Hop Bytes With
Mr. Shadeed will bring you the latest technology news and digital science in hip hop culture. Mr. Shadeed is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and the co-founder of Baltimore’s SharePoint User Group. He advises corporations ranging from international business units to small start ups on collaboration, best practices, and building communities utilizing Internet technologies and platforms. On the music industry side Mr. Shadeed is the Program Director for the World’s First Digital A&R, Indie Planet Television and VP of Information Technology for Rock and Roll Television RNRTV.

Go Digital Or Go Home!

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