Nanci O TV: Episode 1-True School Corp.’s Tribute To Pete Rock & DJ Premiere…

At the end of the year I announced that in 2010 there was going to be some new things happening with the show. Here’s the first–Nanci O TV. One goal is to bring viewers and listeners a unique behind the scenes look at what’s happening right here in my Carolina backyard (and beyond).

Last month my team and I had the chance to cover 9th Wonder’s True School Corporation & IWWMG’s Tribute to Pete Rock and DJ Premier.

This episode features several artists from around the way including Rapsody (the lone female emcee signed to JAMLA), Tyler Woods, Actual Proof and E.A. Floe, ripping the stage and rocking the crowd to classic Primo and Chocolate Boy Wonder jams. DJ Premier also reflects on creating the beat to D’Angelo’s ‘Devil’s Pie’ and the battle tested emcee who initially turned down the beat. There is also an in depth interview with producer/engineer E. Jones, who worked closely with 9th Wonder on the new upcoming David Banner and 9th Wonder Death Of A Pop Star collaboration project as well as the upcoming MURS album.

Part II is below. Many thanks to my video team (Jamil and Tremaine), True School Corp. and IWWMG for the opportunity to cover the event.

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