#RapOnTheRun: 5 Easy Tips On How To Become A Runner (Video)

#RapOnTheRun: 5 Easy Tips On How To Become A Runner (Video)

Have y’all ever been interested on how to become a runner? Even more, have you ever been curious on learning more about how to get started running? In this week’s #rapontherun vlog, I share with y’all 5 easy tips on how to become a runner. I also include a few online and offline resources on where to go for more help.

Getting started on how to become a runner may be easier than you think. As a disclaimer, I’ll let y’all know straight out the gate that I am not a professional. I’m a regular chick who enjoys running in her free time and on the weekends. So the 5 tips I’m sharing with y’all on how to become a runner are from a regular person’s point of view.

Read more and watch the 5 Easy Tips On How To Become A Runner vlog after the jump!

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Kourvioisier (@KTR1027) —It Chose Us (Produced By Dre Rubio)

Kourvioisier (@KTR1027) -- It Chose Us (Produced By Dre Rubio)

Durham, NC emcee Kourviosier links up with producer Dre Rubio for the soulful lead single off Kourviosier’s new EP, No Drive. The project is scheduled for release in early 2015, with Dre Rubio handling all production duties.

Dre Rubio also previously connected with Kourviosier for “Elevate”, a track that was to appear on their mixtape The Critique. That project never dropped but the song was still pretty dope.

“It Chose Us”—

Run That Back:
Kourvioisier — “Elevate” (Video).

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#RapOnTheRun: Vegan Cuts (@VeganCuts) Vegan Athlete Box Review (Video) #VeganCuts

#RapOnTheRun: Vegan Cuts (@VeganCuts) Vegan Athlete Box Review

Last week on Instagram I posted a question about fueling runs with products that have ingredients you can’t pronounce. If you have to Google an ingredient or don’t know what it is, should you really be putting it in your body? I’m specifically referring to products that contain chemical additives, preservatives and the like.

Coincidently (or not) on that same day Vegan Cuts posted an Instagram promotion for their protein Vegan Athlete Box. Vegan Cuts is one of those monthly subscription services that sends you a box with a variety of products. Their samples include vegan and cruelty free items.

Vegan Cuts’Athlete Box was a collaboration with Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete. As I mentioned back in June within the Midtown Raleigh half-marathon race recap [READ: #RapOnTheRun: Midtown Raleigh Race 13.1 Half Marathon Race Review], I’ve been reading the No Meat Athlete blog for ideas, tips and inspiration on following a plant-based lifestyle as a runner.

Since the Vegan Cuts Vegan Athlete Box was only $21, had free shipping and included 12 plus protein products, I decided to give the product a try. It was my first time ordering a subscription box and also trying the Vegan Cuts brand of service.

Y’all can watch my Vegan Cuts Athlete Box review after the jump!

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#RapOnTheRun: 2014 Greensboro Marathon Review (Video) #GreensboroMarathon #RunChat

Well y’all my 2014 race season is officially over. Last Saturday I ran and finished the 2014 Greensboro Marathon. The 26.2 mile race was my 2nd attempt and I’m thankful to have finished in 6:35:24 (6 hours, 35 minutes, 24 seconds). Back in March of this year I finished the Tobacco Road Marathon in 6:53 (6 hours, 53 minutes). The Greensboro Marathon was extremely hilly. So even with the hills, I still managed to complete the course with an 18 minute improvement from the last marathon.

2014 was the 2nd year for the Greensboro Marathon. The race expo was on Friday October 17 at the Greensboro Cultural Center right in the middle of downtown. There were three floors of vendors and sponsor tables. I usually don’t get excited about expos. My goal is always to get in and out as fast as possible. I’m not one of those runners who go to expos to hang out, look for new gear or buy products. The race expo included a full schedule of lectures, from course tips to training gear demos. While breezing through the expo, I did take a moment to check out the Flow Audi table and read about the 2014 Thunder Road Marathon taking place in Charlotte next month. The only thing that stood out to me at the expo was how friendly and engaging the lady at the Flow Audi table was.

I knew the Greensboro Marathon was going to be extremely hilly. Back in March I told y’all about my challenge of getting leaner and faster [READ: #RapOnTheRun: I Need To Run Faster, I Need To Get Leaner]. I’ve learned that the leaner you are, the fast you go. So  I’d been checking out the race elevation map all Summer and added in extra hill training whenever possible. Funny thing is, it was my first time really taking time to try and understand an elevation map. Reading an elevation map, driving the course and actually running it are three totally different experiences. Shawty, this race was one of the toughest I’ve ever ran!

#RapOnTheRun: 2014 Greensboro Marathon Review #GreensboroMarathon #RunChat

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