Today In Carolina Hip Hop History: January 13, 2009 Rebellious (@RebelliousMindz) Release ‘Rise To The Occasion’


Today in Carolina Hip Hop History, Rebellious released Rise To The Occasion on January 13, 2009.

Rise To The Occasion was Rebellious’debut album, which came out on their label Southern Groove Entertainment. The group is comprised of two members, Shawt &G. The duo hails from Edgefield, South Carolina.

The majority of the production on Rise To The Occasion was handled by Blackest Beatz, G’s producer alter ego.  One exception is “This Is How We Live”, the lead track on the album, which was produced by Yobo 720. The other is “Addicted (I Love You)”, produced by Mysterious.

Exactly one year after Rise To The Occasion came out, Rebellious dropped an updated version titled Rise To The Occasion: The Carolina Blueprint. The new version had the power of Randy Roper’s team, Million Dollar Dreamz behind it. Several of the songs that were on the original album also appeared on The Carolina Blueprint. Some of the song titles were slightly changed , i.e. from “How We Live”to “This Is How We Live”, but the music remained the same.

Two years after the release of Rise To The Occasion, Rebellious dropped The Carolina Blueprint II: 93 Octane, a mixtape that was the second installment in their “Carolina Blueprint”serious. The project was also scored by Million Dollar Dreamz’Sam King.

Ryder Music is Shawt &G’s most recent album. It was released in January 2014. Since that time, Shawt &G has gone on to open XRO Studios in Trenton, South Carolina. Their studio offers photography, videography and other multi-media services.

All three of Rebllious’projects are quality releases and worth checking out. Below is the Sam King-scored version of “How We Live”.

“This Is How We Live”(Sam King’s scored version of “How We Live”)–

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#TBT Carolina Hip Hop Archives: 2010 Boss G (@BossG2516) Interview, Business Relationships, Beef With Lil Ru + More

Boss G (@BossG2516) Interview Carolina Hip Hop Archives

Columbia, SC’s Boss G, his music, history of beef with Def Jam’s Lil Ru and more is the focus of this edition of the Carolina Hip Hop Archives.

At one point, Boss G was the hottest rapper with the biggest buzz coming out of South Carolina, secondary only to Lil Ru. In 2009, what most of the people dialed into the happenings of South Carolina hip hop didn’t know is that Federal Agents had been quietly building a case against Boss G and others as part of Operation Dark Knight for several years. Boss G was arrested in 2011 and is currently about three years into serving a 17 year prison sentence as part of the case.

In May 2010, Boss G was a guest on my radio show. This interview took place approximately one and a half years prior to Boss G’s sentencing. During that time, Boss G had several popular mixtapes out. Rookie of the Year with DJ B. Lord was the first official one. The project that really got folks talking is The World Is Ours, Now We Want Mars, with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Frosty. The mixtape included production from Honorable C-Note and 9 Mil (Lil Ru’s “Nasty Song”).

Boss G. also had the hottest radio single, “Hobby“, in rotation at radios stations across SC from the upstate to the low county. As a South Carolina independent artist, it was a big deal to have a track in regular rotation on mainstream radio back then. Another-not-to-be overlooked notable is Boss G’s highly publicized, ongoing beef with Lil Ru. Their differences escalated to a viral video of Lil Ru getting jumped by alleged Boss G affiliates, with Boss’hit single “Hobby”playing in the background [READ/WATCH: Commentary: 5 Epic South Carolina Hip Hop Video Moments (Of All Time!)]

During our conversation back in 2010, Boss G talked about why he decided to take his hustle from the streets and into the booth, how he had grown his buzz in 6 months, the importance of great relationships in the industry plus more.

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Matt Monday (@_MondayMusic) —“Get It Wrong”(Video)

Matt Monday (@_MondayMusic) -- "Get It Wrong"

“Get It Wrong”is produced by Larry Ford Jr. and appears on Matt Monday’s Before The Filth mixtape. Before The Filth dropped right near the end of 2014, as a precursor to the Charleston emcee’s upcoming album, Filthy.

Mind y’all, we were looking for Filthy to have a release date by now. Let’s just pray Dame Dash is not out here holding up the process. I’m hoping the full project will be out by the  Spring. In the meantime, y’all can check out the video for “Get It Wrong”and stream + download Before The Filth via DJ Booth.

The “Get It Wrong”video is produced by Charleston’s Black Dave. Southern street wear connoisseurs might probably catch that Matt Monday wearing one of KJ Kearney’s limited edition New Era 9FIFTY H1gher Learning snap backs in the video. Y’all can watch it after the jump!

Run That Back:
Matt Monday — “The Lomax” (Video).

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JSWISS (@JSwissHere) &J57 (@J57) —“Déjà Vu”

JSWISS (@JSwissHere) &;J57 (@J57) --

“Deja Vu”will appear on JSWISS’s new EP ALLCAPSNOSPACES, which will be released on January 13. The UNC-Chapel Hill graduate’s EP is coming out on Soulspazm records and is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

“Deja Vu”is produced by J57 of the Brown Bag Allstars. This track is jammin’. The electric bass on “Deja Vu”is played by Carter Lee of the hip hop/ jazz band Tiger Speak.

In other JSWISS news, this Thursday, January 8 the emcee will be the subject of an hour-long live performance and interview on “B-Side”, the Brooklyn Independent Media channel. JSWISS will be performing with a live band during the event and will also be interviewed by Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival founder Wes Jackson in between songs.

Initially the show is only viewable on the channel at 8 p.m. EST to Brooklyn, NY residents. If you’re in the area you can be a part of the studio audience for FREE. For everyone else, the entire episode will be available for viewing online a couple of days after the event.

The show will be shot at the Brooklyn Independent Media studio, 647 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

JSWISS “Deja Vu”–

Run That Back:
JSWISS Ft. SkyBlew — “We Live It”.

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