Stranger Day (@StrangerDay) Ft. Elevator Jay (@ElevatorJay) &Lotta —“All In Together Now”(Video)


Charlotte, NC’s Elevator Jay links up with fellow Charlotte residents Stranger Day &Lotto for a new track off Stranger Day’s new upcoming album Graves. The song was produced by Joel Khouri with Scott Weaver on the horns. This track is kinda jammin’shawty. Graves is set to release later on this month.

On a side note, I wish Elevator Jay would stop playing and release a new EP. If y’all have about 25 minutes check out his Ahead Of Time EP, that dropped back in 2012. It’s still one of my favorite top 10 Carolina hip hop releases of all time.

Y’all can watch the video for “All In Together Now”after the jump!

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Elevator Jay — “Clear My Throat”.

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Al Be (@ThisIsAlBe) —“Mainstream 14″


Raleigh, NC emcee Al Be puts a millennial spin on Outkast’s classic “Mainstream”. The original track appeared on the duo’s second album, ATLien, which dropped in 1996.

Y’all can check out Al Be’s version of “Mainstream”below.

“Mainstream 14″–

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#RapOnTheRun: Recipe Review: How To Make Your Own Sports Recovery Drinks (&Save Money!)

If you ever thought making sports recovery drinks at home (think Gatorade, GU Brew, Nuun, etc.) are hard, think again: they are much easier than you think! There are countless products available on the market and in local athletic stores. Over the past year as I’ve learned why it’s important to hydrate runs with sports recovery drinks vs. plain water, I became partial to GU Brew. It was mainly because I liked the flavors and taste. At almost $10 for a tube of 12 tablets, it wasn’t the most economical option but worked.

The below recipe for making your own homemade sports recovery drinks originally appeared in the September 2014 print and web edition of Endurance Magazine. The Endurance Magazine version contains sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda), which helps your body recover after intense workouts by decreasing soreness and stiffness. The original recipe also calls for honey. In my quest to follow a mostly vegan diet [READ: #RapOnTheRun: Thank Y’all + New Health &Fitness Direction], I modified the recipe to make it vegan friendly.

So how did the homemade sports recovery drink turn out? In a nutshell, great! I was able to mix everything in about 5 minutes. It is very easy to make plus I had all of the ingredients already in the kitchen.

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9th Wonder (@9thWonderMusic) Shares 5 Tips On What It Takes To Be Successful In The Music Industry

Last week the 4th anniversary celebration of the NC State Cypher took place in Raleigh, NC. The NC State Cypher is North Carolina’s largest and longest running hip hop cypher. It is held every Monday night year round at The Freedom Expression Tunnel on NC State’s campus. Each week emcees, poets, break dancers, graffiti artists, observers and more show up to demonstrate, participate in and support hip hop culture.

There was a lot of activity during last week’s event. Hundreds of people showed up. While out there, I constantly walked around to take in all the pockets of action and at one point came upon 9th Wonder talking to a captive audience. He was speaking with local emcees and sharing knowledge on what it takes to become a successful artist in the music industry. He also spoke about how to build a brand that would help one grow beyond North Carolina. I asked 9th Wonder if it would be OK to capture some footage and was intrigued.

Everyone is not going to like what you say or do, and 9th Wonder is no exception. For some reason, there are a good amount of artists and people who are engaged in hip hop in North Carolina that do not like him. Back in 2011, animosity towards 9th Wonder grew to the point where he penned a letter to the North Carolina hip hop scene [READ: 9th Wonder: "Crabs In A Barrel: The Downfall of NC Hip Hop"].

Regardless of how some people feel, the man is a success and has a lot of knowledge to share. I have observed 9th Wonder taking time to give tips to many types of people on different occasions beyond this particular night (without any cameras rolling). This takes energy and many of y’all other industry favorites probably wouldn’t even take the time to be bothered. At any rate, I always enjoy listening to what 9th Wonder has to say and last week is no exception.

Y’all can check out the highlights after the jump.

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The NC State Cypher: An Important Part of North Carolina Hip Hop Culture &History #NCStateCypher.

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