#RapOnTheRun: Stilettos &High Heels &IT Band Syndrome, Oh My!


Disclaimer: This blog post is by no means meant to diagnosis a condition or prescribe any remedies. If you are having health issues, you may want to consider getting checked out by a licensed medical professional.

Stilettos and high heels are kryptonite to a runner’s iliotibial band (aka the IT band). It is only by a friend’s challenge to go without wearing high heels for one week that I learned about this little correlation.

The IT band is a ligament that is on the outside of the thigh, from the hips to the shins. The ligament can get tight, irritated and inflamed. IT band syndrome is supposedly one of the most common injuries in runners. When the IT band gets to acting up, this can make running very uncomfortable. There are several different ways to treat IT band syndrome, including rest, ice and anti-inflammatory medicines. Some folks also use holistic remedies such as stretching, rolling, cupping (one of my favorites) and massage.

Since February of this year I’d been dealing with IT band syndrome. This was right around the time when my marathon training and long distance runs were ramping up. The IT band usually only became bothersome on runs longer than 6 miles. On top of that, it was slowing down my pace and making long runs uncomfortable.

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Dirty South Beatdown 16 (DSB 16) Full Tournament Event Recap (Video)


The Dirty South Beatdown (known as DSB in the Triad) is the Southeast’s biggest producer battle, sixteen editions and several years running. It’s held three times a year in Greensboro, NC and is hosted by Ed E. Ruger plus the Iconoclast crew. The winning producer takes home a prize package that includes $300 cash and several other perks.

For DSB 16, the final round came down to Scotty Royal and Drugged Out Venom. It was a very tight competition with both producers showcasing great beats, bass and samples. In the end though, Scotty Royal won both the judging panel (which I was one of) and the crowd’s favor with his soulful production.

Dirty South Beatdown 17 is November 22 and will take place in Greensboro again. If you missed DSB 16 hit the jump to check out the event recap!

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JSWISS (@JSWISSHere) Ft. SkyBlew (@HeySkyBlew) —“We Live It”


Every year for the past couple, JSWISS releases a special track to commemorate his birthday. For 2014, the NYC native links up with NC’s SkyBlew and No9to5 Music’s in-house producer AltAir.

“We Live It”–

Run That Back:
JSWISS Ft. Chandanie — “LML” Produced By Dre Rubio.

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Mallz (@Mallz) —“That’s How It Is”


It’s been two years since Raleigh’s Mallz has released new material. He returns to the scene with a new single produced by the Virginia duo JMProductions.

Mallz new project Hustler Of Culture is slated for release this Fall.

“That’s How It Is”–

Run That Back:
Mallz —Service Entrance (Album).

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