#RapOnTheRun: Spirulina Algae Review For Energy &Endurance + EnergyBits vs. Green Foods (Video)

#RapOnTheRun: Spirulina Algae Review For Energy &Endurance + EnergyBits vs. Green Foods (Video)

I’ve been using EnergyBits and spirulina algae as a running supplement for about a year and a half. I first read about it from the #runchat hashtag on Twitter, and noted several different running bloggers writing about why they use it. Algae is plant-based, vegan, about 60% protein (three times that of a steak!), high in iron and chlorophyll, plus more.

In this video I review spirulina algae’s benefits and why I use it for energy and endurance for running. Since one of my 2016 goals is to become more lean and muscular (push through abs!, which means cutting back on eating delicious Oreo cookies *insert sad face emoji*) I’ve recently taken up HIIT and strength training workouts. I now use algae before strength training workouts as well.

I also share two brands of algae (EnergyBits &Green Foods), plus talk about the differences between the two: price options, taste, and more.

Y’all can watch the video after the jump!

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#RapOnTheRun: Red Maca Review For Running, Energy &Endurance (Video)

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Art of Cool (@theaocproject) Innovate Your Cool 2016 Conference Lineup #IYC

AOC (@theaocproject) Innovate Your Cool 2016

Durham, NC’s Art of Cool Festival just released the lineup for their 2016 Innovate Your Cool conference. As with last year, #IYC coincides with AOC’s annual music fest.

#IYC focuses on innovation, music, culture, tech and more. This year’s event will include a round table with Rapsody and Terrance Martin on the creative process behind Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, a Moog Music-sponsored synth building workshop, Jeghetto’s afro futuristic hip hopera 5P1N0K10, a Google Lounge performance by Cypher U and J. Rowdy [READ: The NC State Cypher: An Important Part of North Carolina Hip Hop Culture &History] plus so much more.

Innovate Your Cool was my favorite part of 2015’s Art of Cool Music festival. The music shows were awesome but it was dope to take a break from the concerts. Y’all can check out my recap video of last year’s top coolest festival features below.

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2015 #AOCFest: Art Of Cool Festival (@TheAOCProject) Review: The Top 5 Coolest Features (Video).

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5 Non-Tech Tips From The Phat Startup’s (@ThePhatStartup) #Tech808 D.C. #BossUp (Video)

5 Non-Tech Tips From The Phat Startup's (@ThePhatStartup) #Tech808 D.C. #BossUp

The Phat Startup is a New York City-based startup that provides education for aspiring entrepreneurs. This is done via events, interviews and various media resources (blogs, tweets, etc.).

I’d been following The Phat Startup for some time on Twitter (they share alot of great content there) and attended their first #tech808 event in NYC last fall. One of the missions of #tech808 is to teach you how to take your company to the next level.

This past weekend The Phat Startup presented the second #Tech808 conference in Washington, D.C. As with the #tech808 NYC, D.C.’s version was a great event for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups of all types (not just tech related!).

Early in the day while listening to one of the first speakers (Paul C. Brunson), I realized that this #tech808 D.C. seemed different. It felt like The Phat Startup had modified NYC’s setup and improved it. In D.C., the event felt like it was more than just about tech related ideas and content.

The Phat Startup’s next #tech808 is later this Summer in Oakland. In the meantime, check out this video where I share 5 of the best non-tech tips from #tech808 D.C. Y’all can watch the video after the jump!

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J. Cole &Lisnr: Hip Hop + Mobile Technology + Startup Culture = A New Engagement Experience

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#RapOnTheRun: My BSX Insight (@BSXAthletics) Has Arrived. Time To See If It’s 2 Legited 2 Quited. #RunChat



Well y’all my BSX Insight Running Edition has arrived. Last year around this time I was selected to be one of the first consumers to try out the new wearable sports technology. Back then the device was in research and development (R&D) and not yet ready.

The BSX Insight was created by BSX Athletics, a sports technology startup out of Htine. (aka Houston, Texas). BSX Insight is the world’s first ever wearable, non-invasive lactate threshold sensor.

Last year when the product was still in R&D, I had just finished my first marathon and looking for a new goal [READ: BSX Athletics Insight + The Goals To Get Fast &Lean]. Now the finished product is available and I received it right before it went to market in April. For the past 6+ weeks I’ve been on doctor-ordered non activity and just got clearance last week. Now that I free to train again (YASSSSSSSSSSSSS!) I going to try out the BSX Insight and incorporate it into training.

Now mind y’all, I’m team low maintenance so I hope there’s not a lot of foolywang into getting this thing set up before I can start using it. I like tech gadgets that don’t take a lot of fiddling to be functional. So we’ll see how it goes.

Y’all can stay tuned to my Twitter (@nancioishiphop), Instgram (@nancioishiphop), Facebook (Nanci O Is Hip Hop), YouTube (nancioishiphop) and the blog for all running updates.


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