Matt Monday (@_MondayMusic) — “Ramadan” (Video) + Dame Dash’s Recent Controversies

Last month when industry legend Dame Dash unleashed a verbal beast and started calling out heavy hitters such as Kevin Hart, Lee Daniels, Funkmaster Flex and more, my ears perked up. Not for the same reasons as the rest of the plugged in hip hop world though. I began wondering about South Carolina’s Matt Monday (formerly known as Rigchus) and if Dame Dash’s “beefs” might affect Monday’s career in some type of way.

Back in April 2013, Charleston, SC native and resident Matt Monday famously partnered with Dame Dash and his international creative collective DD172. By the time Matt Monday had linked up with Dame Dash’s company, he’d already released two mixtapes and was making a name for himself throughout South Carolina plus beyond. As an aside, both of Monday’s previous projects landed on my annual end of year lists. Sweetgrass and Supras was on The Top Carolina Hip Hop Releases Of 2011 list and Black Cradles made The Top Carolina Hip Hop Releases Of 2012 list.

So with Dame Dash doing interviews on The Combat Jack Show and more, I pondered if it all would somehow eventually trickle down to Monday in some type of way. At this point, it’s not clear if it will. But still I wonder.

At any rate, Matt Monday just released “Ramadan”, the latest single from his upcoming EP, Filthy. The track is produced by Ryan Janiero. Million Dollar Dreamz go to videographer Bank! directed the video. Y’all can watch it after the jump!

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Headgraphix (@Headgraphix) Presents “90′s Hip Hop Videos Be Like” With Special Guest “Appearances” (Video)


Over the past few weeks, Raleigh, NC’s Joseph Headen aka Headgraphix has released Vine and Instagram gold with short, six second remixes of scenes from some of the 90′s top hip hop videos.

What makes each visual remix unique is Headgraphix—he makes a special guest “appearance” in every 90′s hip hop video. In Lil Kim and Lil Ceases’ “Crush On You”, you’ll see Headgraphx Diddy-bopping in front of the background dancers as they shimmy in their colorful wigs. Case and Foxy Brown’s “Touch Me, Tease Me” finds Headgraphix throwing his hands up to the beat. In Biggie Smalls classic “One More Chance”, Headgraphix slow grooves to the beat and same background drop that Faith Evans, Changing Faces, Patra and Miss Jones has.

Headgraphix has steadily built up a reputation as one of NC’s go-to designers, videographers, and web designers. Last year the visual creative quit his day job and continued to build his brand and business up even more to reach beyond the North Carolina hip hop community.

These video remixes Headgrahix returns to his hip hop roots and they are hilarious.┬áThe visuals are so seamless, you’d almost swear Headgraphix was in the original videos. The screenshot above doesn’t do it justice. I watched them several times just to remind myself he wasn’t in the original video.

Check out five of Headgraphix’s “90′s Hip Hop Videos Be Like” after the jump!

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#RapOnTheRun: It’s Your Fitness Journey

Nanci O Is Hip Hop Logo

This #RapOnTheRun blog about your fitness journey is inspired by a post I saw while scrolling Facebook last week. Over the past couple of weeks, a friend has been posting workouts and meals, in addition to writing about how she’s making small changes to live a healthier lifestyle. She also talks about how those changes are making her feel.

On this day in particular, my friend posted a picture of her lunch, the healthy way in which she had prepared it and again re-iterated that she is trying to make positive changes. What happened under the post is what caught my eye. Multiple people (and I talking more than ten) posted negative comments about what she was eating. They also criticized her new improved habits (in this same post) and questioned her choices — in not a nice way. The comments were so harsh in fact, that my friend wrote a post that clearly indicated she was hurt by the large amount of negative feedback.

I was genuinely shocked by people’s reactions. Here was someone who made it known she was making efforts to do better and learning new methods in the process. Honestly, I also felt bad for her because what people said clearly hurt her. Ultimately, she deleted both the post and the comments. I reached out to her to offer words of encouragement and urged her to stay committed to the goals she had set.

The scenario reminded me of lyrics from’sSober Soldier“, which appears on his album The Workout.

When you make a positive change people will judge you;
Some will take it personal but don’t let it budge you.” — “Sober Soldier

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#RapOnTheRun: Motivation And Running

On motivation and running, below are two questions I’m asked frequently:
How do you stay motivated?” “I can’t do that!

I’ve been asked those questions even more in the past month, ever since I completed a fourth half marathon earlier this month [READ: #RapOnTheRun: Midtown Raleigh Race 13.1 (@Race131) Half Marathon Race Review] and mentioned that I’m training for a second full marathon, the Greensboro Marathon, coming in October. After I blogged in March about some of the challenges I’m facing with getting prepped to run 26.2 miles again [READ: #RapOnTheRun: I Need To Run Faster, I Need To Get Leaner], folks are asking me the “motivation” question even more.

I find it interesting because I never considered myself to be a source of motivation for anyone. Mind y’all, I’m just a regular chick who wants to stay active, get fresh air and have fun while doing it. Running allows me to do these things.

My training is not perfect. I am not a professional. A lot of my running has been trial and error. Some days are easier than others. There are days when I don’t feel like doing anything active. It can be a challenge at times to keep motivation high while maintaining a regular running routine.

Below are five small things I do to keep myself motivated to keep on running.

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#RapOnTheRun: Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure (@KomenTri) Race Review


One year ago in April 2013 my best friend Jermel (pictured above with me on Komen Race For The Cure race day) was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Mel and I have been friends for 20 plus years, and out of the other girls in our tight circle, has always been the one take care of her body and eat well. As a generally healthy young woman, the diagnosis was a shock to all of us. The news was very hard for me in the beginning. Since that time, the past year has been filled with chemotheraphy, radiation treatments, doctor visits and hospital stays. There were times when it really hurt to see my friend sick. Thankfully at the moment, all of this is behind us now. Exactly one month ago on May 19, Mel received her last treatment and is officially a one year breast cancer survivor.

Earlier this year, Mel asked me to run in the Triangle’s 2014 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure as a part of her team.The event is the Komen foundation’s annual major fundraising event that celebrates survivorship. Those who have lost their battle against breast cancer are honored as well.

Now ever since that time Komen partnered with Kentucky Fried Chicken in 2010 for “Buckets For The Cure”, I’d given the foundation an extreme side eye. Eating healthy, non-fried, non-greasy foods and maintaining a health weight is one of the top prevention tips for cancer, so teaming up with KFC and encouraging people to buy fried chicken for a breast cancer awareness campaign seemed very contradictory.

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