Benjamin Starr (@Benny_Starr) — “Allah”


It’s good news to hear that Pineville, SC’s Benny Starr will be releasing a new mixtape this Summer. His 2012 Guns N Roses mixtape remains one of my favorite projects ever released by a South Carolina emcee and also made my The Top Carolina Hip Hop Releases Of 2012 list. Joint is jammin’.

“Allah” will appear on Free Lunch, Benny Starr’s first project since 2013′s The SOULoist EP. Free Lunch will be hosted by fellow South Carolina native, DJ D Dubb.

“Allah” –

Run That Back:
Benjamin Starr — “Reign” (Video).

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Mantiz (@Mantiz186) — ’27′ (Mixtape)


South Carolina native (and current ATL resident) Mantiz released his latest mixtape, 27, this week in honor of his birthday. The project is feature light and includes SC’s Jah Jah, Nard Dinero and Armon. The entire mixtape is self- produced by Mantiz, who sings, raps, and engineers in addition to producing.

Y’all can hit the jump to stream 27 in entirety.

Run That Back:
Mantiz Ft. Jah Jah — “Slow It Down”.

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#RapOnTheRun: Final Fitness Boot Camp + Cross Training Results


Well y’all I survived fitness boot camp. Remember I told y’all back when fitness boot camp started that I really do not like (hate! hate! hate! hate!) cross training. When it comes down to it, I’d rather just run. The main goal with adding cross training to my marathon training is to become a faster, leaner runner [READ: #RapOnTheRun: I Need To Run Faster, I Need To Get Leaner].

So fitness boot camp took place for four weeks, two classes a week for a total of eight classes. Pictured above is my coach Meredith. I only went to seven classes because on one day of class, I got my hair done that afternoon. Y’all know good and well I wasn’t about to turn around and sweat out my freshly styled locs.

Classes took place mostly outside (fresh air!). There was a lot of stadium stair runs (sometimes while carrying 20 pound kettle balls), abdominal work (for a stronger core), strength exercises (arms and legs), speed work and a whole lot more.

In only four weeks/seven classes, I can honestly say there’s been noticeable and definite improvement in my overall fitness.

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DJ B. Lord (@DJBLord) Ft. Dirty Dave (@DirtyDaveDDE) & Lil Cutty (LilCutty) — “A$$ Like A Camaro”


I tell y’all what, I bet Chevrolet never imagined their product being marketed in a way such as this. “A$$ Like A Camaro” was shot in The Met (aka Columbia, SC) late last November. The track is off of DJ B. Lord’s upcoming album, Carolina Global and features Charleston’s Dirty Dave and one of SC’s top go-to hook singer/songwriters, Lil Cutty.

If y’all can remember, DJ B. Lord isn’t the first SC artist in recent history to name drop Chevrolet in a track. Back in October 2013 Charleston, SC’s Marcus Allen wrote the soundtrack and starred in commercials for Rick Hendrick Chevrolet/Hendrick Automotive Group.

Watch DJ B. Lord’s video for “A$$ Like A Camaro” after the jump.

Run That Back:
DJ B Lord Ft. 2 Chainz & Ben G — “Game Like A Gamecock” (Video).

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Ran Bruce (@RanBruce) — “W.D.W.G” (Video)


Columbia, SC’s Ran Bruce is one of the forefront rappers in SC’s #NewSC movement. “W.D.W.G.” is off of his PG-458 mixtape, which was released at the bottom of last year.

Y’all can watch the “W.D.W.G.” video after the jump.

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#RapOnTheRun: Race 13.1 Midtown Raleigh (@Race131), My Spring 2014 Anti-Lazy Tool


Well y’all I’m officially out of the marathon recovery phase. It’s been four weeks since I ran my first marathon last month [READ: #RapOnTheRun: 2014 Tobacco Road Marathon Review]. Now is the time to put another race on the calendar. Otherwise I’m going to get lazy and be less prepared when it’s time to kick up the training notch for the next marathon I plan to run in the late Fall.

Some people are very disciplined and are able to keep up a routine running schedule without having a race on their calendar. I am not one of those people. I learned this the hard way after running my first half-marathon, the Raleigh City of Oaks half marathon, back in November 2012. After that race, I pretty much went into chill and celebratory mode. At most, I ran one day per week, usually about 8-10 miles. If that.

On top of not running regularly, it was the holidays. I turnt up in grand fashion (i.e. at the dinner table, at parties, at get togethers, at anytime there was delicious delights around) all throughout Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Lawd.

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Spiff Kidz (@SpiffKDZ) & DJ B. Lord (@DJBLord) — On The Road To Success (Mixtape)


South Carolina’s Spiff Kidz continue their reign over the high school and college party music scene in the state with their new mixtape. The just released project features the hit songs “Twerk That“, “Get It Girl” and more.

At 23 tracks, the tape runs long. Features include Chucktown’s Dirty Dave, with DJ B. Lord holding down hosting duties.

The main thing I notice though is that there’s only five guys on the mixtape cover….it used to be six fellas in the group so it looks like there’s definitely been some lineup changes.

Y’all can take a listen to the On The Road To Success mixtape after the jump.

Run That Back:
Spiff Kidz Ft. DJ B Lord — “Get It Girl”.

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#RapOnTheRun: Fitness Boot Camp 2 Week Check-In & Results Update


OK y’all. Tomorrow will officially mark two weeks since I began fitness boot camp [READ:#RapOnTheRun: Fitness Boot Camp Day One: The 7 Minute Fitness Test]. My goals in attending boot camp is to use cross training and strength training to help me get faster and leaner in order to improve my next marathon finish time [READ: #RapOnTheRun: I Need To Run Faster, I Need To Get Leaner].

This morning I went out for an 8 mile run. It is the longest run I’ve done since completing my first full 26.2 mile marathon. The marathon recovery program I’m using generally restricts runs longer than 90 minutes in the first four weeks post marathon. I ran the race on March 16, so I’m right at the tail end of race recovery.

I’ve only been going to fitness boot camp 2 weeks and can already see improvement in my pace. As y’all can see in the finish results above from my running app (originally posted with a video on my ‘Gram), today’s average pace was 12:46 min/mile. My fastest mile was 11:36 min/mile. Shawty, I ain’t never hit a sub-12 min/mile before today!

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Wreck-N-Crew (@Wreck_NCrew) — “Vanity”

The Durham, NC duo of Trie and Fresh release a video for “Vanity”. The track is featured on their recently released 2AM: Alcohol & Music II mixtape.

Y’all can watch the video after the jump.

Run That Back:
Wreck-N-Crew (@Wreck_NCrew) — “Bone” (Video).

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#RapOnTheRun: BSX Athletics Insight (@BSXAthletics) + The Goals To Get Fast & Lean

Every Sunday at 8 p.m. or 10 p.m. there’s a one hour Twitter Q & A event called #RunChat. #RunChat is where over 20,000 runners of all athletics abilities (beginners to elites) from all over the world converge on Twitter to talk about running. The Q & A is moderated by #RunChat founders @RunningBecause and @iRunnerBlog. They lead each week’s discussion with a theme. Past #RunChat themes include training, nutrition, destination races, running recovery, and much more. Each week the event is sponsored by a company, and at the end of each #RunChat, the week’s sponsor gives away a prize to a selected participant.

For the last #RunChat of March, the night’s theme was sports technology and BSX Athletics was the business sponsor for the night.

Y’all remember the problems I blogged about on needing to get faster and leaner in order to improve my next marathon finish time? [READ: #RapOnTheRun: I Need To Run Faster, I Need To Get Leaner]. Well I now have some help in achieving those goals!

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