JSWISS (@JSWISSHere) Ft. SkyBlew (@HeySkyBlew) —“We Live It”


Every year for the past couple, JSWISS releases a special track to commemorate his birthday. For 2014, the NYC native links up with NC’s SkyBlew and No9to5 Music’s in-house producer AltAir.

“We Live It”–

Run That Back:
JSWISS Ft. Chandanie — “LML” Produced By Dre Rubio.

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Mallz (@Mallz) —“That’s How It Is”


It’s been two years since Raleigh’s Mallz has released new material. He returns to the scene with a new single produced by the Virginia duo JMProductions.

Mallz new project Hustler Of Culture is slated for release this Fall.

“That’s How It Is”–

Run That Back:
Mallz —Service Entrance (Album).

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SheBloggin (@SheBloggin) Presents: The Arrival 3 (Mixtape)


Tasha aka SheBloggin of SheBloggin.com returns with the third installment of her Arrival mixtape series.

With The Arrival 3,SheBloggin features several talented up and coming artists from several states. Appearances on the project includes Onehunnidt (Houston), iNDEED (Atlanta), Mantiz &Continental GT (South Carolina), Devine Carama (Kentucky), and Broadway Miller (North Carolina). Y’all can take a listen below.

Run That Back:
State Of SC Hip Hop Series #3 with SheBloggin, Randy Roper &The Mic DVD.

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#RapOnTheRun: Rick Ross, Setting Intentions &Taking Action


The opening bars of Rick Ross’“Rich Forever” off of the Rich Forever mixtape is my favorite track of his of all time. The opening grabs my attention everytime: “I remember being blind to it / till the day I put my mind to it…”  There is truth in those Rick Ross lyrics.

Be clear y’all, I’ve never really been a “true”Rick Ross fan. When you’re a fan of an artist, you go out of your way to attend their shows, wear their merchandise and spread the gospel of their movement to your friends. Now Outkast? I am an Outkast FAN—I own every album the duo has ever released, have seen them in concert a couple of times and even still have pieces from the now defunct Outkast clothing line.

Despite being a non-Rick Ross fan, there is something about his music and lyrics on certain tracks that are enough to make me want to listen to his music. I used to think it was the fact that Rozay has near flawless production on >80% of his tracks. But now, I know it’s deeper than that. Rick Ross has a way with words that draw me in.

Back in January of this year, I set my mind to accomplish a goal of running 1000 miles in 2014. Back then, it seemed almost impossible. I thought about it for a while and then decided to actually do it. Once I made up my mind, I figured at minimum that setting the 1000 mile goal would help motivate me to keep running, continue marathon training and living an active lifestyle.

Last week I hit the 800 plus miles ran in 2014 milestone. I now only have 200 miles more to run in 2014 to hit that 1000 mile goal.

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