Salis (@Cadillac_Salis) — “Rains Falling” (Video)

In the new video for “Rains Falling”a Pimp C sound bite, colorful swangas, plus a chopped and screwed breakdown makes it clear that Salis’new visuals are a tribute to Texas lifestyle and culture.

The “Rains Falling”video was shot by Bam G and is from Salis’Cadillac Summer EP. The track is produced by Beezo Beat It Up.

Y’all can watch the “Rains Falling”video after the jump!

Run That Back:
Salis — “Shine On”.

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Benjamin Starr (@Benny_Starr) —“7th”


Benjamin Starr (@Benny_Starr), the Pineville, SC emcee who won the 2014 South Carolina Music Award for Slept on Artist of the Year, will be releasing his latest project, Free Lunch, next month.

“7th”is produced by Danny Dee (who handled a majority of the production on Oxymoron’s jammin’2011 mixtape My Well Smokes Good), and features DJ D Dubb and Nikki Williams (of Foreign Object).


Run That Back:
Benjamin Starr (@Benny_Starr) — “Allah”.

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#RapOnTheRun: A Journey Of Running 1000 Miles Begins With Making Up Your Mind



I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions in years. Back in January of this year set a goal to run 1000 miles by December. It seemed almost impossible and honestly a little scary. What if I tried to do it and fail? What if I got hurt? At any rate, I made up my mind and decided to do it. I figured setting a goal that big, keeping track and consistently trying to achieve it would serve a dual purpose: keep me active and give me something to work on that was good for both the body and mind.

I reached the 800 mile mark in August [READ: #RapOnTheRun: Rick Ross, Setting Intentions &Taking Action] and felt pretty good so I decided to keep going for 1000 miles.

Yesterday I hit the 1000 miles ran in 2014 mark. It was an ordinary day for me. I woke up about two hours before running and ate a bowl of oatmeal and a pear. Twenty minutes before running I took a couple of shots of barley grass juice and a double dose of ENERGYBits. I did some dynamic stretching, laced up my sneakers and then headed out. Upon stepping outside it felt extra cool so I turned around and grabbed a running jacket to put on.

I ended up running twelve miles yesterday. It was actually my first run since running last week with Atlanta’s Movers And Pacers. My hamstrings felt tight throughout yesterday’s run. I hadn’t stretched or moved in days and definitely felt it. Last week was the longest I’d gone without running since March.

Today I feel regular as all get out. Matter of fact I’m sitting here like “yo I really ran 1000 miles this year?”

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Matt Monday (@_MondayMusic) —“The Lomax”(Video)


Musically, I rocks with Matt Monday and S.W.I.M. the long way. Since day one the music and visuals have been consistently dope. Back when he still went by Richgus, Matt Monday’s video for “Stroker’s Row” was selected and featured at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival.

In Matt Monday’s newest video for “The Lomax”, the Charleston, SC native went to Boston, Mass and filmed the visuals in and around the Mattapan area. “The Lomax”and his Black 750i actually makes a cameo in the video. The track is produced by Yung Gud.

Matt Monday’s newest EP Filthy is set to drop later this year. If y’all will be in or around Charleston, SC this coming Thursday October 9, stop by the Music Farm. Matt Monday will be doing his first hometown show since relocating to New York. Oxymoron, Ben Fagan and the Holy City Hooligans plus more are on the bill. Should be a really fly show. CLICK HERE for more details.

Y’all can watch Matt Monday’s video for “The Lomax”after the jump!

Run That Back:
Matt Monday — “Ramadan” (Video) + Dame Dash’s Recent Controversies.

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