Mantiz (@Mantiz86) Ft. Jetsons —“She Say”

Mantiz (@Mantiz86) Ft. Jetsons -- "She Say"

Elgin, South Carolina’s Mantiz just premiered his new single “She Say”, which features fellow SC native Jetsons on the hook.

“She Says”is also produced by Mantiz and will be appearing on his forthcoming EP, #ThankYouForListening, set to drop later this year. This is the first I’ve heard of Jetsons, definitely looking forward to checking out more of his material.

“She Say”–

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FatRat Da Czar (@FatRatDsCzar) &NewSC (@NewSuccessCult) —“Celebration”(Video) #NewSC

FatRat Da Czar (@FatRatDsCzar) &NewSC -- "Celebration"(Video)

Underground South Carolina’s FatRat Da Czar has become known for his work in helping push hip hop culture in SC forward in different ways. He’s an integral part of Columbia’s annual Hip­ Hop Family Day and an engineer at The Boom Room Recording Studio.

FatRat’s latest endeavor is a new South Carolina Hip-Hop Collective, New SC. NewSC is short for New Success Culture and is a collective of the 4 solo artists: Cole Connor, Chadd Downing, Perfect G and Ran Bruce along with the group Grand Royal.

#NewSC will be releasing a joint project next week, titled New Success Culture. The venture is executive produced by FatRat and hosted by DJ Cannon Banyon and The Empire. The #NewSC collective will be hosting listening parties and shows at several venues across SC in the coming weeks, from Columbia to Charleston.

Y’all can hit the jump to watch the “Celebration”video. The lyricism displayed by all artists is pretty dope. Y’all can also find more details about the various events down below.

Run That Back:
FatRat Da Czar — “Fat Rat” (Video).

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Elevator Jay (@ElevatorJay) —“Doin Us”

Elevator Jay (@ElevatorJay) --

Charlotte, NC’s Elevator Jay hops in an old school Pontiac and bends a couple of corners around the city in a new laid back video for his latest single “Doin Us”.

So far, 2014 has seen several Elevator Jay singles, a couple of guest appearances and a slew of shows across NC. Hopefully we’ll get an EP announcement before the end of the year.

Y’all can take a listen to Elevator Jay’s “Doin Us”below or hit the jump to watch the video. The track is produced by Justin Aswell with video direction by Anthony Supreme.

“Doin Us”–

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Miles Stone (@IAmMilesStone) Ft. Kita —“KCGC”(Video)

Miles Stone is an ATL resident by way of NC and returns with “KCGC”, his first single since April’s “H.O.A.N”.

“KCGC”will appear on Miles Stone’s Hard Liquor, scheduled to drop in 2015.

Watch the video for “KCGC”after the jump!

Run That Back:
Miles Stone — “Hell of A Night (H.O.A.N.)”.

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